Seagull ST Tourbillon hollow version of the high imitation table on the detailed application

First of all tell the truth, the real tourbillon watch in the use of modern watch industry seems to have been in there is not much information, I believe that most of the table friends, and I may just contact with the tourbillon of this 100 years ago Of the process in order to eliminate the influence of gravity on the pocket watch travel time, only from two aspects ①: expensive, ②: complex. So I actually want to detail the tourbillon, but always feel that their hands are not enough information, they know much, how to explain it? So I spent several months to understand Tourbillon, and combed a bit, and today to explain to you this thing, if you are also a little knowledge of the tourbillon, or you are interested in understanding the tourbillon on the high imitation of the table Application and the concept of open mode, then this article is worth a visit. First of all to briefly explain this specimen, although this table has posted Patek Philippe logo, but in Patek Philippe's existing original is not a genuine model of this rolex replica. It can be said that this table belongs to China's open mold their own creation. I specifically selected this a well-crafted, complex functions, while the original does not watch, and I managed to sell high-imitation watch mall does not specifically to do the analysis, is to let everyone put aside the so-called "true" "Commercial conspiracy theory" and so on distracting thoughts, normal to treat high-end watch technology. This table is a 6-bit standard manual tourbillon, with energy storage records & moon phase function, while difficult to be expensive is that this table uses a hollow literal technology, and the tourbillon also do hollow processing, if Not the design capacity is weak, and because of cost constraints do not do in the movement of precious metals related to handling, it is difficult to feel, this is actually a high imitation table. First of all, I would like to explain briefly on the emergence and role of tourbillon, Tourbillon designed to offset the impact of gravity on the watch, we all know that the traditional clock is by the barrel, the transmission power to the gossamer and then drive the second round of rotation so that the mechanical replica watches accurate travel time, if the second round of deformation , And even displacement so the table can be said that there is no accuracy at all, at the time (1795) at the time of the Qing Dynasty in China Qianlong, when the European watch production mainly handicraft production, the standard process of large machinery To produce mechanical technology does not exist, there is no lot of new materials, and solutions to give the selection of watches are mostly in the form of pocket watch, in order to solve the problem of error and the invention of a rotating escapement. 3 On the significance of this "ugly" table We understand the tourbillon, we come back to a simple look at this watch, this watch to tell the truth, is a Hyun technical type of watch, in appearance, design for the real people who really understand the table a lot of bright spots, but I believe Most people seem to feel like hundreds of dollars of things, and even some people will feel that I think I give an account of local, So why would I say this is hyun it? In the world of watches and clocks have a Tourbillon this bright spot is already not easy, if you add other features in the normal circumstances, it is almost impossible to complete the task. I believe we are authentic watches, the international brand is difficult to find 100,000 yuan within the tourbillon, if coupled with several features, then to 300,000 yuan level, is also very common phenomenon, even domestic watches, single Only can not be less than 40,000 yuan. If it is hollow in the movement to do processing, then the level of millions of international brands is in the affirmative, domestic watch brands have not yet encountered can use this process. So this table although ugly incomparable, but if the demand is sufficient to have a very large expansion of space. In short, this table like that one in 1903 in the United States, North Carolina, pulled up by the Wright brothers that aircraft can only fly 3 minutes power aircraft, ugly but the meaning of the infinite, which is this The Significance of High Imitation Tourbillon difficult, As explained in detail above, the Tourbillon is simply to use a rotating iron hoop to cover the movement of the second round itself. So that the movement is no longer subject to the impact of gravity, in a fixed range of rotation of a vertical escapement. But the difficulty is that a large number of small and complex parts need to be done manually, while in the process can not watch the gossamer for rapid calibration, so no matter what kind of person to complete a tourbillon production is quite time-consuming consumption Force. As for the specific complexity of the situation I used a macro camera to shoot a rough, you can give it a look. Link winding box gear, I believe we have a lot of manual winding watch has seen this way. However, it should be noted that even the gears have also been done hollow processing. Well, if you read this article, has not yet figured out the meaning of Tourbillon then I simply say, I also know a lot about tourbillon related information, also asked the friends around, the most Glossary is "art", simply tourbillon watch is "art" of a way of expression, he is different from the rolex replica Lenny spring, unlike the Omega soft iron magnet, sapphire mirror, etc., which are new Materials, large industrial production caused by product changes, and the tourbillon is a real human in order to resist the natural factors, in order to solve the problem of the emergence of a memorable watch solution. If you simply think that Tourbillon = accurate, then I can tell you this understanding is completely wrong. To practicality, the tourbillon watch no ETA movement of mechanical watches accurate, even a million tourbillon watch, the difference is also about 10 seconds. But there is no doubt that the tourbillon is the highest symbol of the clock process. Its position is because of its rigorous, complex process decisions. If a person is a watch collector so have one or more tourbillon watch is an indispensable thing, if a person is completely pragmatist, then the tourbillon its meaning even less than a With the altitude, temperature, pressure, position function Casio watches. Well, I believe that read here, your understanding of the tourbillon should have been considered introductory, and this article may be the most complete online the most easy to understand Tourbillon explained. If you have other questions, or have more worth discussing things, you can go to my forum for discussion and exchange.