Excellence in the heart, fine to shape, high imitation Tudor Style series Xiangjie

Hello, everyone, and try a detailed on the clock, this article I do not intend to disassemble this watch, this is a simple dress watch, its workmanship, and other watches, and no features , I have explained in detail in the previous post, a number of small details of the breakthrough, do not need to dismantle can also speak very understand that if you are the highest quality high imitation Tudor Style Tudor Style series interested to read this Post, will be able to help you First of all, I believe we have great questions, there are always friends asked the replica watches 18K gold and the real difference between 24K gold, and 18K gold plating and the difference. As well as on whether the problem of fade, Through this article, I have to do a unified explanation, first of all on the plating and 18K gold problem, as well as in the previous article we have explained, you can go to my blog "watch knowledge" view, I will not repeat, Today I will focus on the 18K gold and 24K gold difference. Here to invite you to understand that the swiss replica watches in the world of watches and clocks. It is impossible to have 24K gold case, because the metal properties of less than the hardness requirements of watches, while the production of the case in the wear and tear is also great, so whether it is genuine or high imitation watches are not 24K gold watch. Then the color difference in the end how? I have not seen the relevant online contrast, we can see the following diagram, On the left is the Yingzheng table industry is about to launch the 18K gold version of the Tuodr Style model, the right is a Au 9999 500g gold bullion, you can see in the color, in the same light, the effect is Fully consistent, The head I think is a pioneering work Tudor, the truth is that I rarely see on the dress watch screw head design, including case manufacturers are so that we do when the case, the case of the production side But also specifically to ask us whether the design is wrong, but this is actually a small Tudor original initiative will be installed table, designed into a high waterproof watch Strap is also 18K gold to build, the five baht-style design, it is noteworthy that the strap process is not the whole strap with gold to build, but the precious metals adsorbed on the stainless steel, do a thin layer of gold. This is the watch industry in the middle of the most commonly used gold strap most commonly used technology, Clasp the Tudor Style bearing is different from other models of a bright spot, using a ceramic bearing which is Tudor's patented material, more than the average metal wear-resistant, more flexible, Good to believe that after reading this article, you replica watches the Friends of the Tudor Style this watch has a certain understanding of the characteristics of it, which is characterized by the case using the best 18K gold-clad process, and ceramic bearings, and Are equipped with high performance waterproof screw head, which are in the current high imitation watches, and other genuine dress is not available in the table features, if you table Friends of this table is still unclear where I can The article after the message, I will decide whether to do the dismantling of the article in good detail Thank you for watching