Natural fearless: 2015 annual brand new

In the 2014 sales year, I participated in the concept of high imitation table Yingchen table business, no doubt to make some achievements, Ying Zheng table industry really provides the industry I think enough good products , And great after-sales service, I once again on behalf of my team to the favorite clocks and watches, recognized Ying Zheng table industry friends, to extend my most sincere thanks. This year, that is, in 2015, we adhere to the basic principles of the previous premise, once again made a small move for our high-imitation watch to launch a new tag, (currently only in the New Year after the Ying Zheng Table Sales of Rolex are added.) In order to make this tag we also spent a lot of thought, the use of the world's first luxury brand Louis Vuitton products for their products used by the texture of replica watches uk the best tag paper. While using the hollow carving technology, if I am not ignorant, as far as I know, now no one watch group so attached tag. At the same time, to declare that I want to replace the original intention of the tag is not to promote their own mall, and to achieve certain commercial purposes, but spread Great Made In China (great Made in China) product culture, so we will not Will, we think not enough good product bundled on such a tag, The truth is, this is not the performance of the product is not self-confidence, but my personal values, we all know, we are selling the rolex replica, can not be said that the industry's most remarkable, but one of the best, or can be called. I have the honor to become a model, can get customers, peer friends of the trust and recognition, make my own satisfaction with high imitation table to sell, I have never inspirational to do high imitation table and the real thing completely Exactly the same, I just do my best to the "watch" the product itself to do even more amazing, do more beautiful and value for money, But as you know, a brand takes time and reputation to accumulate. In particular, watches and clocks that inherited the industrial chain, often after several generations, or dozens of generations of effort. So this is what I have never said, "original watch is not worth it," the case, on the contrary whether in public, or non-public occasions, I think the original clock has its very commendable place, I also encourage you Understand the highest quality of the high imitation after the table through their own efforts to have the original. And understand the original. Do the real collectors As a watch industry for beginners, an ordinary open model, can do great, that is, under the premise of low-cost, try to make people brighten up the Not replica watches, rather than just copy a trademark . There is no doubt that this step is only advertised in 2015, "born fearless" start, in the coming year, I will continue through the learning and progress to share more knowledge of watches, let everyone know more many. I also hope that through my forum to know the experts in the industry, we do not study the so-called "true" "false" differences, but the exchange for the product itself, if there is a way to make the product itself becomes more beautiful, There is a bright spot, rather than a position difference of 0.2mm, the pointer upturned 0.5 °, this boring so-called "a false" So I believe that this is not just a high imitation of the gospel, but Made in China Gospel