High imitation OMEGA AQUA TERRA 150M Cal.8602 movement detailed version of the solution

This article is an urgent write today, the reason for this article because I am involved in the management of the high imitation mall - Yingzheng watch industry, has not had time to update the detailed picture of the goods and a detailed explanation, of course, I will Depth explanation of this high imitation table and improve the place, will also improve before the Cal.8500 version of the explanation did not mention some of the details of the points, if you want to know Omega Cal.8602 movement or intend to buy Want to know more High imitation AT150M week & calendar section of this watch, then this article is very worth a visit. The following figure is this high imitation replica watches uk to use all the firmware, we are still the same as before to explain the firmware alone, so that everyone on the watch all the accessories have to understand, First, the strap system In the strap on this table is different from the previous version of the AT8500 41.5mm using the whole drawing design, but the middle polished drawing on both sides of the combination of design, in a design is omega original in the "anti-magnetic king" after the concept, The new "to achieve coaxial" rolex replica all the appearance of a minor modification, the current design and the current version of the original sales are exactly the same Second, the back cover system I believe a lot of people and I used to think that the back cover is a humble little things without attention, but when the omega original OP on the back cover also do the size of the hippocampus, 007, and even bullets 007 I understand, the back cover should also be Will be noted that the back cover of the watch system is also sapphire mirror, while using the correct omega fonts, and carving process, even inside the back cover inside the small details have also done a detailed carving Literal system This table literally for the small scale, between the small and literal literal is used in the welding process without glue, literally the back of the 11 solder joints will be fixed firmly in the literal scale to prevent falling. Between the point and the use of the cross laser calibration technology, which can ensure that there is no skew between 11 points to ensure that the literal yield. Of course, this compared to the cost of viscose technology to scale higher. We can see from the literal details of the map, literally without any traces of glue. Case Case integration of the previous generation of experience, whether it is workmanship, or waterproof have been very good. Of course, there is a systematic upgrade, this watch case number, the internal movement of the number is exactly the same. And never repeat the garbled. To ensure that a table on the 1st, which in high imitation watches or even less valuable Swiss watches are very rare. Movement First of all we can note is that the movement number "85005635" and the case number is fully corresponds to, and this number is not all watches are the same. And the random arrangement of the garbled, I have in the previous article about the difficulty of making this number, so this is Omega Cal 8605 is a very worth seeing a bright spot, At the same time, this movement is replica watches also the same as the previous Omega Cal8500, the use of platinum modified version and automatic rudder, so that the whole movement from the back looks very flashing. This is another version of the firmware can not do. Scientific "solid machine circle": This is a small supplement, in the previous explanation did not mention a small detail, we all know that the diameter of the case, there are many different shapes, but the shape of the movement are often not matched and case, in particular Is the appearance of the movement to do a unique modified version, which requires a unique design "solid machine ring", the movement and the case to be fixed, this "solid machine circle", the design of the first thing to consider is The gap between the case, as well as the movement of the thickness of the change, and the thickness of the case, as well as head position, but also need to consider the back cover of the thread. Can be said that the watch finished second only to the movement of an important accessories, because there is no such accessories, no matter how good the watch can not be installed molding. More importantly, these people need to open their own design, movement manufacturers, and will not provide the relevant program, which is why the revised version of the movement, has been rarely appear, once there, the same size of the watch To floods generally appear in the market, an important reason. Well, this on the details of the AT150M this is over. I believe that the Friends of this form of table has been to understand the best places, and today I will take the time to re-engraved Omega Cal.85 & 86 Department of the basis for the movement of detailed, but also allows us to understand some of the high imitation table solution Program. If you do not want to listen to some of the so-called "factory" marvel to really understand the high imitation of the table, may wish to focus on my blog, I believe you will get more, if you are high imitation table industry "old fritters" Not only "sell watches", agree with my values, then I also welcome you to Tuhao Forum and we discuss the high imitation table. Thank you for watching